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Known Bugs: Furigana

Although I tried my very hardest to make the cheat sheets perfect, there were bound to be a few things that slipped through. Thankfully, the mistakes on the sheets are limited to minor color mis-coordination and a handful of erroneous furigana (the pronunciation guides written above the kanji).

I do not think these errors are detrimental to the value of the set as a whole or else I would not be selling them.

What I am doing to fix this

These errors will be corrected in future print runs, but that could be between 3 months to a year away (depending on how well they sell). Believe me, I want these fixed just as much as you do.

But honestly, I’m deep in the red already and simply cannot afford a re-run right now. So here’s what I’m offering: when the next batch is printed, you may mail back to me the introduction/legend sheet from your 1st-batch print. When I receive it, I will send you an updated set. No charge to you except the postage to send the introduction sheet (and I don’t care if you bend it, either).

Update (November 6, 2012): After several months of selling these I now have a better handle on the money side of things, and I can see that it was reckless and naive of me to think that I could just replace hundreds of cheat sheet sets for free. Therefore, I’m forced to alter this offer: for orders AFTER November 6, 2012 (easy to remember, right? It’s US presidential election day), customers will be able offered a 40% discount ($15 + S&H) on a new set of cheat sheets (when the next batch is run). If you ordered a set ON OR BEFORE November 6, I will replace it for free as previously promised. In either case, it’s still looking like the 2nd batch is a year away.

I will announce the printing of the next batch on this site, also on Facebook and Twitter. I will also notify by email if you request that I do so (message me via the contact form)

Okay, here’s a list of known errors:

Advanced Grammar

  • In “にかけては”, the furigana for 暗算 should be: あんざん
  • In “に限って”, the furigana for 忙 should be: いそが
  • In “か否か”, the furigana for 分 includes か, but should not


  • In “~ませ”, the furigana for 越 includes し, but should not
  • In “様 Expressions”, the furigana for 馳走様 includes ご, but should not

Natural Japanese

  • In “TE から vs. TA あと”, the furigana for 食 includes べ, but should not

Beyond Vocabulary

  • In “何 Expressions”, the furigana for 何気 should be: なにげ
  • In “Idiomatic Expressions”, the furigana for 油 should be: あぶら

Please feel free to leave a comment if you notice any that aren’t on this list! Thanks!



  • Is the backorder fixed with this? will the digital version updated?

    • The backorder was still printed with the original data.

      Yes, the digital version will be fixed when it is released.

  • Hi! I just ordered a set ^^ [conversion to my local currency was not as scary as i imagined and i think these are absolutely worth it after looking at the basic japanese pdf]

    Er I was looking around and noticed this, did I order the fixed version or do i have to wait for the reprint? Thanks!

  • Unfortunately there is no fixed version yet, and you probably don’t want to hold your breath for it because it’s still quite a way off.

    My offer stands: if you ordered on or before November 6, I’ll replace your set for free when the new ones are printed. If you ordered after that date, I’ll give you 40% off on a new set.

    And again, how much a few furigana errors matters to you is for you to decide, but I wouldn’t be selling these if I thought it was detrimental to the sheets as a whole.

  • Hi,

    I just received a copy of your excellent sheets, and already they’ve proven quite useful! Seriously, they’re awesome!

    However, I noticed another non-furigana error which isn’t listed here, so I hope it’s ok if I let you know through this comment. On the Advanced Verbs sheet, in the box dealing with [〜te は 〜would be/result in], the example sentence reads 「手伝ってもらわくては明日までに完成できない」, while it should read 「手伝ってもらわなくては・・・」. Seems the 「な」character decided to tap out on this one(^O^)(笑)