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Advanced Verbs

Advanced Verbs cheat sheet (both sides shown)

Verbs are the true power of the Japanese language, and are in many ways the core of the language itself. Through the combination of various verb forms, a single word can easily be transformed into over a hundred different variations. For example: してあげられそうになかった (It did not seem possible that I would be able to do it for them) is a single verb (する) with six modifications applied.

The Advanced Verb cheat sheet details over a hundred different conjugations, forms and usages of verbs. Clear example sentences are provided generously. Since verbs are so crucial to understanding Japanese, this sheet is the most important in the pack for achieving or improving your fluency in Japanese.

It should be noted that verbs are actually an aspect of grammar. This sheet should be viewed as a companion to the grammar sheet, because the distinction between the two topics is not night and day.