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Keigo cheat sheet (both sides shown)

Keigo is the term for the various grammar and terminology used to express humility and respect in Japanese. It is a difficult topic and because of that the Keigo cheat sheet is probably the most advanced in the set.

Yet, Keigo is one of the most essential skills for anyone hoping to live or work in Japan. It is found in various degrees everywhere from manga to TV commercials, and you will hear it used by store clerks and receptionists wherever you go.

Because Keigo is considered difficult even for native Japanese speakers, textbooks tend to avoid covering it in depth. Nihonshock believes this is a great disservice to learners, who are given the bare minimum and then left in the dark. Keigo is not only a necessity, proficiency in it is rewarded with great admiration and respect from native speakers. It is something learners should be anxious to master.

The Keigo cheat sheet covers all the Keigo grammar and vocabulary necessary for learners to enter and enjoy the world of real Japanese.