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Onomatopoeia (PDF)

A handy reference and study tool

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Onomatopoeia cheat sheetOnomatopoeia is a topic of great importance for serious Japanese learners, but one that can be hard to find quality materials for. Nihonshock has rounded up over 340 of the most common onomatopoeia (and similar words), and organized them in an intuitive and detailed way.

To get the best use out of this sheet, be sure to check out Nihonshock’s blog post on Japanese onomatopoeia.

Note: This cheat sheet is currently only available in digital form. It is not a part of the printed set.

UPDATE (September 26, 2013): The Onomatopoeia cheat sheet is now included in the full printed set!

Digital Version Features

  • Over 340 onomatopoeia and pseudo-onomatopoeia
  • Offers not only definitions, but usage notes, alternate forms and suggested study priority
  • The format is wide and single-page, just like your computer screen
  • Text is selectable
  • 100% text/vector-based, meaning small file size (under 250KB) and complete zoom-ability
  • Instant digital delivery

Buy Now (USD $2.50)