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Cheatsheet Pack Re-Release!

It’s been a looooong year (and then some) since the initial release of these cheat sheets. Over this time, I’ve received a lot of excellent feedback and also learned a lot about the boring, financial side of running a business.

One of the things that became apparent to me over that time is that my product needed to go just a little bit further, so that’s what I did. With this release, I’m adding content, and also improving the quality of what I’m already providing.

Here’s what’s new:

  • By popular demand, the Onomatopoeia cheat sheet is now included in the printed set! This brings the total up to 10 sheets.
  • The content of the original nine sheets remains the same, except for some minor adjustments or changes to wording, and corrections to a number of pronunciation guide errors.
  • The sheets now use a slightly thicker lamination, making them just a tad bit firmer and more durable.
  • The outside page margins no longer vary from sheet to sheet (not that anyone else cares, but I think it makes them look more professional).
  • The size of the sheets has been tweaked slightly (mainly a smaller header) so that they fit more easily into the plastic folder which I use to send them. They’re still within a few mm of A4 paper size.

The regular price of the product will be increased from $25 to $27,
which is necessary to compensate for not only the extra sheet and thicker lamination, but also the fact that this whole “running a business” thing is slightly more expensive than I originally planned for. I still think $27 is a bargain when you compare the Cheat Sheet Pack to similarly priced learning materials and I hope you all agree.

The new are scheduled to start shipping on October 18, 2013 and until then I am doing a pre-order promotion for the updated cheat sheet pack. The pre-order price is $20 USD, and if you’ve been following the site you know I don’t do very many sales, so get yours now and spread the word!

I am accepting pre-orders through Paypal only, and have temporarily removed Amazon links from the menu in order to avoid any confusion. However, if for some reason you absolutely can’t wait until October 18, the old Cheat Sheet Pack is still available on Amazon for $25.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED one of the old sets, I am grandfathering you in to the new sets at a price of $15 USD. Please contact me directly and include either the email address you used for the Paypal purchase or your Amazon order ID.


Update to the Numbers and Time digital cheat sheet

Nihonshock just made a minor update to the Numbers and Time cheat sheet (PDF version).

Here are the changes:

  • Updated the final Japanese year (年号) from 2012 (平成24年) to 2013 (平成25年).
  • Added readings for the 14th and 24th days of the month (these days can be optionally read: じゅうよっか and にじゅうよっか)
  • Added 日(にち) to the list of counters which take the reading よ for 4, instead of よん.
  • Corrected the reading for the 10th day of the month from とうか to とおか.

You can get the new file by simply downloading it again from the same link which you received by email at the time of your purchase.

If you’ve used up all your download attempts and the link has stopped working, please contact me using the email address which you used to purchase the sheet, and I will send you the updated one.


New Digital Cheat Sheet: Onomatopoeia

Hello everyone, I hope your Golden Week is off to a good start!

Yesterday Nihonshock made available a brand-new Japanese cheat sheet. The topic of the sheet is Onomatopoeia. Click here to check it out!

The sheet is primarily vocab based, so if you’re interested you’ll also want to check out the accompanying post over on the regular blog.

Since Nihonshock now offers two different digital sheets (plus the free Basic Japanese sheet), there is now a package deal where you can get both “Onomatopoeia” and “Numbers and Time” for $4 USD, as opposed to $2.50 each.

The Onomatopoeia sheet is currently only offered in digital form. It is not a part of the printed set.

Onomatopoeia is a topic that can be hard to find good resources on, and we’re sure you’ll find it useful to have such a large and detailed collection all in one single-page document.

Best of luck with your studies!


Shipping Rate Changes

As you may have heard, the shipping rates charged by USPS increased as of January 27, 2013.

While the cost of USA Domestic First Class mail increased by only $0.02, International First Class mail increased much more dramatically (approximately $1 USD per shipment, in the case of Nihonshock’s cheat sheets).

Therefore, Nihonshock is updating our shipping & handling charges to reflect these new USPS rates. (Sorry)

New Shipping Rates (for a single cheat sheet set)

  • Domestic US orders: FREE (just like before)
  • Canada orders: $2 USD (was free before)
  • All other countries: $8 USD (was $7 before)
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