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Fall Sale! 30% Off!

Hello everyone! Have you signed up for the JLPT yet? I hope so!

You’ve got just over two months left to study, and I hope you’ll take advantage of this offer to add Nihonshock.com’s cheat sheet pack to your library of resources. (^^)

Offer lasts through October 1st, and you know I don’t do sales too often, so please take advantage of this opportunity.


New cheat sheet! – Cool Japanese

Cool Japanese

It’s been four and a half long years since Nihonshock released its original Basic Japanese cheat sheet, and finally I got around to making another freebie!

Today I’m releasing Cool Japanese, which is less serious than my previous sheets but still packed with lots of great content. I tried to focus on topics that were interesting (even if they were a little obscure or advanced), and including examples that were not only useful but fun to read. Plus, I sprinkled tons of my favorite vocabulary and phrases throughout. The target audience is JLPT level N3-1, but beginners will probably find something too.

There are even a couple Easter eggs in there from Steins;Gate and Fist of the North Star. Can you find them? (^^)

Head over to the Cool Japanese page for the download. It’s 100% free and I encourage everyone to share it with their friends, followers, classmates and study buddies.

Note that this cheat sheet is digital only!!
It is not (and will never be) a member of the printed Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack.

(However, it may (at some point in the very distant future) be a member of a separate set of printed cheat sheets.)


Spring Fever Sale!

Are you guys ready for Spring? I sure am! Let’s celebrate the end of winter and the return of our collective motivation with a cheat sheet sale!

Until March 27, 2014, you can buy the Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack through Paypal for just $20 USD instead of the regular $27, or about 25% off. Regular shipping rates apply (that’s FREE shipping to US addresses, $2 to Canada and $8 for everywhere else). Unfortunately, I can’t offer this sale price on orders placed through Amazon.

If you haven’t noticed, Nihonshock does not daisy-chain special deals like so many other retailers do. Once this sale is gone it won’t be back for quite a while, so be sure to get yours before the sale ends on March 27!

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