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Digital Version

I’ve received quite a few emails and comments since I announced these sheets from people who want a digital version.

First of all I want you to know it’s coming. While I personally think that cheat sheets are most useful as a printed item, I realize that not only are there portability advantages, many people are just more comfortable with digital formats.

However, digital and print are two inherently different mediums, so I want to do more than just a point-blank PDF export of the cheat sheets.

In print medium, we have one tall sheet with two sides. In digital, there is one wide “sheet”, without a second side. Obviously, the layout should reflect this.

Also, in a digital medium, it’s possible to add information and/or extra sheets without worrying about print and lamination and shipping costs, so adding a new sheet to the set is a viable possibility that I will be considering.

As to the question of when a digital version will be available, I can’t say anything with certainty at this point. Currently my priority is getting the print version out of the start-up phase and operating like a real business. After that I’ll be able to pursue the digital version.

I hope to have something for you well before Christmas. :-)

Please feel free to comment and leave any suggestions you have for the digital version.

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